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by Rev. Don Rivers

  One of the special things about Racing with Jesus Ministries is the chaplains that volunteer to serve the racing community. I am thankful for their efforts. You see and hear from me much of the time, but the efforts of all our servants are what truly touches peopleís hearts. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  It is Memorial Day and the weekend has been a blur. I find myself carving a little time out today to say thank you for the men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I am also thankful for our crew and their efforts, the sacrifices they make to be there for the racing community.

  I have a few comments that I wanted to share with you from a couple of them. First Tara Stoehr, chaplain to the Northeastern Midget Association. She is not only a racerís wife and racerís mom, she has a heart for everyone in that garage area. Her are her thoughts.

  Congratulations to Avery Stoehr for winning last weekís race at Star Speedway. It was an emotional win as it was the first race without his crew chief, Carl Kibbe. Carl holds a special place in all our hearts he is sadly missed. The pit area of the 15a and 5b will never be the same.

  Last Saturday was the Allen Cantor Memorial Race at Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead NY - Adam Cantor, Kim and their family members were all there to honor and pay tribute to Allen. A few stories were told that day in and around the pits. Personally I just loved Allen, I watched as his heart softened over the few years I got to know him. A few years back, I was hanging up chapel fliers at Thompson and Allen asked if anyone could go and I said absolutely! He said, "Even a heathen like me?" I said, "Yes Allen, even a heathen like you. God loves you too!"

  Because of the questions that have come up and the several lives lost during last year and the off season in our club, God has put something on my heart to share with you all. I found a book title, Why? Making Sense of God's Will. Over the course of several drivers meetings I would like to share what I have read and added to these thoughts.

  Questions we sometimes hear, "How can you still believe in God when you've seen something like that? or lost someone you love?"

  "Why is God punishing me?" I just want to know what I did that was so bad that God would do this to me?"

  When God does not meet our expectations, we are disappointed, disillusioned and contused. They are two common, but misguided assumptions. I will only talk about one today. The first assumption-If we believe in God and try to be a good person, God will take care of me and bless me.

  When we read the Bible we find out that, that assumption is wrong, the sweeping message of the Bible is not a promise that those who believe and do good will not suffer. Instead the Bible is a book about people who refused to let go of their faith in the face of suffering.

  A few examples; Joseph, the Israelites, Job and at the center of the NT is the story of a man who was beaten and abused and finally nailed to a cross, the Bible definitely doesn't teach that those who follow God will have a life of bliss. It describes the persistent, stubbornly, tenacious, faith of those who continue to trust in God despite their suffering and it describes the comfort, strength and hope they find in the face of suffering. I believe that is still true today!

  Thank you Tara, yes, when we read the Scripture we find that it tells us a story of life, ups, downs, challenges, celebrations, good times and bad. It also lets us know that through it all God remains by our side to guide us through, to help us persevere. What a message of comfort and mercy. I am thankful to have God by my side.

  A few weeks back I was unable to attend the Whelen Modified Tour race at New London/Waterford Speedbowl. There was a death in my congregation at Mount Carmel Christian Church and I needed to be with the family as they said goodbye. It wasnít an insignificant race. Jamie Tomaino our longtime partner with RWJM competed in his 600 race. Thatís a big number if you realize that on average you run 18 races a year. Over 30 years of racing on the tour, congratulations Jamie.

  Just because I wasnít there doesnít mean RWJM wasnít there. Thanks to Revís Ray and Scott for filling in and serving. Rev. Ray serves as the chaplain for New London Waterford Speedbowl. He had some thoughts I would like to share with you.

  New London-Waterford Speedbowl - 600 numbered cupcakes! Thatís what it took to celebrate Modified driver, Jamie Tomaino's 600th start in the Whelen Modified Tour. The NASCAR WMT was at NLWS Saturday, and it was a great show. The NASCAR hauler was parked in the South pit and the team haulers were parked in the North pit. This lead to the quote of the day, as Tour officials spoke about Jamieís achievements and perseverance in being at, and staring 600 races since 1985. Only as Jamie could, said, ďIf I had to walk this far in all those races for the drivers meeting, it might have been less.Ē

  Threatening rain, causing the rearrangement of the dayís racing schedule but that didnít detour Ron Silk from winning the New England Cycle Center 161. This was Ronís first win for car owner Danny Watts. Danny handed over the driving duties to Ron at the beginning of the year and that has proven to be the change needed to get the #82 up front. Congratulations on your first Tour win as a car owner. A few surprise names showed up in the top of the results as Max Zachem, Jimmy Blewett, Jeff Goodale, and Rob Summers rounding out the top five.

  It was also a blessing to see and talk with Todd Ceravolo, who was able to come to the track for a short time. Todd is going through some difficult and painful physical treatments- which he asked for prayer and healing. He was assured that God knows all our needs and will hear our prayers.

  Thanks to Ray and Tara for sharing this week. Remember they are only two of the many we have out there serving the racing community. Please remember our efforts and lift up our Chaplains. Earlier this year I challenged people to adopt a chaplain. I am still waiting for someone to step forward and take up the task. Please consider it. Thank you.

  Until next time, be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at www.rwjm.com. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Remember that God loves you, we love you and

Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don


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Source: Rev Don Rivers / Racing With Jesus Ministries
Posted: June 3, 2016

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