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by Rev. Don Rivers

  Many times looks can be deceiving. Sometimes it is intentional, we donít want to spill the beans and let everyone know what we have. But our commitment to Christ and service to him has to more than skin deep. When the race is run will our true character reveal we belong to Christ? Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  To say there is some gamesmanship at the racetrack is an understatement. No one goes out for practice and runs full tilt; they always keep something in reserve for when it matters. I remember a recent practice session where a driver turned a quick lap. After talking with one of the team members I learned that there was more where that came from.

  ďWait until we tweak it and put stickers on, weíll post a number they all can shoot at.Ē

  They did; fast lap of the day in the last practice session with no time for the others to do much but scratch their heads and wonder, whatís in there?

  Life and racing can be a pressure cooker, the heat is turned up and our true character is revealed. Some of us wilt under pressure, some of us harden, but there are some that rise to the occasion and change the environment around them. As Christians we should be in the latter category. We should be in the hope business. Our perspective and attitude, our actions should change the situation for the better.

  Do people wonder that about us? Do they have questions about what we have in our heart? Sometimes we hide things we donít want other to see. We hide our true selves. We act differently depending on the situation and location. On certain days of the week we are fine upstanding members of the church community; on others you would never know we graced the doors of a church. We leave otherís wondering whatís in there.

James 3:9-11; With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness.
Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.
Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?
My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs?
Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.

  It is important that we, as followers of Christ, are genuine, what you see is what you get. Some call it transparent, our motives should be clear to all. As James writes, we should not praise God in one moment and curse man in the next. Our character should be the same as Godís.

  Lack of consistency is a problem we all face; when we change our behavior depending on the situation we cause people to wonder who we really are. I remember an old saying, if being a Christian was a crime, would our life show enough evidence to be convicted? I hope so.

  Think about the people you know; how many of them are genuine? We can put the people we know into two groups, those we can trust and those we canít. Letís face it, there are some people we know that when they tell us something we wonder if it is true or not.

  There are people we can count on; when they give us their word and make a commitment we can plan on them doing everything in their power to fulfill it. These are the people that we can depend on. These are the people we spend our time with.

  As Christians we should lead people to God. We should live a life that honors God. We should follow Godís lead wherever it brings us, putting our trust and faith in Him. People should not wonder what our true character is.

  When others see us as two faced, one time we do this another time we do that, we create doubt. When they doubt us, they doubt God; they decide they donít need Him. We do a great disservice to our Lord when we confuse people with our words and actions.

  We need to think about the example we set. The character our actions reveal. Is it consistent with what we claim to be? Are the things we say and do honoring to God? Not just in certain places at certain times, but everywhere, all the time.

  Let us make a commitment to one another to work on being a more genuine reflection of the character of Christ, every moment of everyday, let others see Jesus in us.


  GETTING THINGS ROLLING - This week we roll off the Whelen Modified Tour with the Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. I am looking forward to getting back and catching up. It will good to see the returning teams and welcoming the new ones. It will be good to be at the track.

  Be sure to stop by the RWJM Hospitality RV provided courtesy of Steve and Trudy Craig. I spoke with them this week and they have plans to roll out the red carpet for the new race season.

  As the season begins in the Northeast remember we have people fanning out across the landscape meeting with the racing community. We are in need of you support and prayers. We know there will be obstacles to overcome. We can only do it with your help. Please commit to come alongside and lend your prayer support.

  ADOPT A CHAPLAIN - Let me suggest something, adopt a chaplain. Is the Lord leading you to come alongside one of our chaplains? Is the Lord leading you to take a supporting role in our efforts? I want to encourage you to do it. Think about how much encouragement you can be, your prayers, conversations and attention to their needs will be tremendous.

  Adopt a chaplain today! If you want to join this effort, drop me a note and we will share with you the opportunities that we have. I have watched people come alongside our efforts and the results are encouraging, blessings for both and changed lives.

  ON A PERSONAL NOTE - A few weeks back we revisited the inspirational story of a young driver, Shane Hammond. I received this note from his mom and wanted to share part of it with you.

  Hi Don,

  I never had a chance to read the column online. Instead I read it in AARN at my dadís and he handed me the tissues as he had read it before me.

  Thank you for such a touching tribute.

  It's hard to believe 8 years has passed in just a few days. The journey continues and I now share with more people who can't fathom how I can move forward, that it is the strength of GOD. Jesus came to me that very day in the hospital as the Dr.ís told me he was gone and at that very moment (Jesus) touched me and said I have him!

  Some look at me as I am a crazy person but I know Shane served his time here and it's my journey to spread the word as he has given me the strength to walk forward. Thank you for reminding people to never forget the angel that walked this earth!

  Believe, Deb, Shaneís mom.

  ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Getting things rolling is an understatement, in addition to being at Thompson we have an RoC Modified Race at Mahoning Valley on Saturday. From there we head to Bristol for the K&N Pro Series East. After Bristol we head back for Stafford and Lancaster National. Race season is here! Please take the time, get off the couch and go out to the local track. I have talked with many who canít understand what the appeal of racing is. I ask; ďhave you ever seen it live?Ē No, is the answer I get more often than not. When they finally do most are hooked, the sounds, the smell the excitement. I encourage you to get folks out there, take them with you!

  Until next time, be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at www.rwjm.com. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Remember that God loves you, we love you and

Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don


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Source: Rev Don Rivers / Racing With Jesus Ministries
Posted: April 8, 2016

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